I nearly pissed in my pants...

As my old dick of a boss used to say, Jesus H. Christ! They're planning on selling a Kamael Collector's Edition Boxed Set! I never read or heard any kind of news like this from the other MMORPG Companies here in the Philippines.

This is crazy! Besides the installer, the buyer will be getting the following items:
  • Angel Halo - Exclusive In-Game Item--wouldn't it be cool if a Dark Elf had an angel halo?
  • Limited Edition Kamael Dog Tag Necklace---something to wear when I go to Lineage 2 SEA events.
  • Kamael Limited Series: 30-Day Game Time Card---it's got an exclusive art work and it's made out of PVC!
  • Limited Edition Kamael Game Guide--not really a Kamael Lover, but probably something I can use against a Kamael in the future, hehehe...know your enemy.
It's only available on April 22. I'm planning on going to their offices on that day to buy one. Of course I'm going to post some pics as soon as I get home. Yahoo!!!
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