Will This Enable Voice Chat in Lineage 2 SEA?

In the old forums, I remember someone asking for a survey whether they wanted to have voice chat in-game. Of course, a lot of people agreed to it and even suggested Ventrillo or Teamspeak. However, nothing came of it and it died a natural death.

Now with news on the partnering of NCSoft and Vivox (one of the world's best providers of voice chat for online games like World of Warcraft, and Second Life), looks like that reality may come in the near future.
Through this partnership, the NCsoft player community will enjoy market-leading voice chat from Vivox. Players will have the ability to communicate with scalable, full featured voice within and across NCsoft games via an NCsoft branded game communication portal. Vivox will also deliver advanced features such as voice fonts, voice mail and in-and-out of game communication via regular phones and text messages.
However, the question will be, is that, will this be implemented in Lineage 2 SEA or will it be included in future NCSoft games like Aion? I'm hoping that it will come here soon, but most likely, they'll try it out at the NA and Korea servers first. It'll be up to AMDG and iPlayAsia to push the envelope and request that we be included as soon as possible.
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