Monster Race Track=Flea Market??

I've been playing Lineage 2 SEA for a few months now and I've read a lot of things about the Monster Race Track (MRT) and all of them bad. Instead of players going there to bet on races (and probably earning adena) you'll see this:

Lineage 2 SEA Monster Race Track

Where's Arcalcalimo?

You can hardly see me in the screenshot with all these sellers here!

I'm not saying that selling is bad, it's actually good for the game's economy, it's just that the place has totally lost its significance as a racing track. It's now become a flea market. There were proposals in the forums that a real market place be set up where traders and buyers can go to. Unfortunately, the reason why this place is such a hit for the traders is that you can teleport here for free.

I suggest that a market place be set up in a town somewhere where every trader can ply their wares. Of course, it means that the teleport there should be free because it'll be useless if you spend adena just to go there. It's like a mall's parking place, it has to be free so the consumers can buy more stuff.

I know that some AMDG or iPlayAsia people read this so I hope my suggestion will be heard.
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