There's been a lot of talk lately on the Lineage 2 SEA forums on how to retain the current Lineage 2 players and how to inject new blood into the game.

The proposals were the following:
  • More experience at least in the weekends
  • More monster drops
  • More adena drops
  • More marketing campaign
  • Make it Free-to-Play
  • Unite both the Aria and Blackbird servers
All of these are very good suggestions and I will agree with most of them. However, there was one comment that stuck in my mind:

"Deal with the Crit Errors first!"

I guess everyone who's been playing L2 SEA since the Kamael update has gotten Critical Errors while playing.

One of the worst time for this to happen was when I was ganged up by mobs. There I was grinding and doing a massacre on yellow-labeled mobs, when the crit error appeared on my screen. I got so pissed off and worried at the same time: did my character survive? Luckily, I was spending time grinding, what if it happened on a PVP event?

None of the suggestions above would be successful if the product (in this case the game) is not functioning right. I was expecting that with the previous patch and the Community Manager's post on updating the PC's drivers would at least lessen the Crit Errors, but it seems that nothing has changed. This happened even in places where I was running alone in a field! Whether you have a high end PC or not, Crit Errors remain a staple of this game.

I'm really hoping that they would do something about this.

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