Level Up needs to update the Item Mall ASAP

I'm currently pissed off at Level Up! Philippines for not completing the info in the Item Malls. I just wasted 900 Gold on something I cannot use.

First off, I am a newbie to Perfect World and I don't know everything (and I highly doubt anyone knows everything about it as well). Second, I'm depending on the info in the Item Mall; I know that the Frost Patch was just recently added and not all's done yet, but they need to update this fast or people like me will be pissed as hell.

Okay, so what's got me pissed off? My new Devil Baron Coat. Why am I pissed off? It's colored Red and it has a level requirement of 30. Therefore I cannot wear it and I need 18 dyes just to turn it black.

Tough luck others might say, but 900 Gold is still 900 Gold. If I knew that there'll be level restrictions on this one, then I wouldn't have bought it!

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