The road to level 40: Bladedancer

Yes, I know, I've been remiss in posting for a long time, but the reason why I haven't been doing so is that I've been busting my chops to get to Level 40 and on my way to becoming a Bladedancer.

I'm currently at Level 38 doing all I can to reach 39 so I can finally do my Bladedancer quest. I know that I can do them earlier, but I read that doing them at Level 39 would make it a bit easier. There are three quests that needs to be completed before you make the jump:

  1. Trial of Challenger
  2. Test of Fate
  3. Judgment of Duelist

Right now, I'm at Trial of Challenger. What made it such a treat finishing this quest is that a couple of clanmates have helped me out along the way:

Bab--for lending me his D-grade armors
Cole--for helping me in dispatching the enemies on the first part of the Trial of the Challenger.Technorati Tags: , ,
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