Gracia PTS for Lineage 2 NA Begins Today

While our L2 NA brothers and sisters are already diving into the the Gracia Update via the Public Test Server, all we can do from Lineage 2 SEA is observe. As far as I know, this marks the first time that Lineage 2 NA has overtaken SEA in terms of patches or updates.

Although we may need to wait awhile, at least we'll be prepared when the time comes for us to get the update (hopefully within the year?). In addition to the update notes link provided by Jercouzen in the boards, here's the complete Test Notes. There was one change that really got me excited:

Decreased Item Prices

The shop prices for all weapons, armor, and accessories have been lowered.

Yes, ALL of them have been lowered. Although it wasn't mentioned by how much, still it's a very welcome change for everyone.

In the meantime, while I wait for our turn, I'll be reading the PTS boards and get familiar with the bugs and possible workarounds.

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