NCSoft's saving grace

It's been reported in Businesswire that NCSoft gained a profit this second quarter 2008: $78.6 M to be exact. Compared to the same quarter last year, it's 7% better this time around.

The reason, according to NCSoft are the massive closures of Lineage 2 private servers and the Gracia update.Here's a breakdown of game title and sales:
  1. Lineage 2: $33.6 M
  2. Lineage: $27.2 M
  3. City of Heroes/Villains: $5.5 M
  4. Guild Wars: $4.9 M
  5. Tabula Rasa: $1.9 M
Considering that Lineage 2 is supposed to be an "aging" game, it's still kicking butt out there.

With Aion coming out late this year, they may even be able to make more profit. I hope that this will mean more content created for Lineage 2.


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