AMDG puts its foot down on RMT

For those unfamiliar with Real Money Trading (RMT) look here first.

AMDG just floored the community with news last night regarding its fight against RMT/Adena sellers.

On to date, AsianMedia is standing firm to address the RMT concern in Lineage II. A total of 50,000 characters have been sanctioned for third party program usage and over 30 billion adena has been seized from 19 accounts in both Aria and Blackbird servers. This action was based on the continuous intensive investigation from the Lineage II SEA GM Team in which the said “bank” accounts are the ones responsible for fueling RMT spammers in town, which cause item price increase (economic inflation) and too much botting.
AMDG finally shows its teeth and muscle! I'm hoping that the company continues it's streak against these sellers.

Kudos to you guys!


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