Party or die

I was there when the RPG movement shifted from the board to game consoles. Back then, the game only had one hero: you--everybody else was just a support. It was easier to know who had to do all the work as well. LOL.

RPG Console mindsets have to go

With the rise of MMORPGs players were introduced to parties. That meant sometimes taking a backseat or supportive role to those in the frontline. That didn't sit well with me during the early years, therefore I didn't join the bandwagon then.

Eventually, the games got to me, and decided to be a damage dealer (DD). Unfortunately that meant lots of grinding and time was not on my side then (I was in College). In short, I was a new fish in a tank full of veteran whales. Learning the ropes as soon as possible would save you from a lot of scamming and grinding.

With Lineage 2, I can safely say that I've learned enough to leave the mindset of being an RPG console player to an MMORPG one. Although I now play a buffer, that hasn't stopped me from getting into party with other players, whether they be clanmates or not.

Have party, will quest

There a lot of quests that require you to go to locations where aggressive (aggro) monsters are. In this case, I would check if my clanmates (clannies) were online and request them for help. In the same sense that any of them require help from their quest, I'd go there too. It's a mutual relationship if you go into a clan.

However, turning down some party requests is an option. Cases like this is a very good point.

Partying with other players is a way to make your MMORPG experience grander. For more details please see this article on the Party Search System in Lineage 2.

See you in Ether!

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