I heart Google Chrome

I've been a fan of Google Chrome since it went into Beta a few months ago and I haven't looked back since. It's a treat then to know that it has gone past its Beta stage and into the 1.0 realm. Although I do have precautions with trying out "1.0s", I think this one's a winner.

It's nice, but it still has a long way to go. Unlike Firefox, Chrome's spartan...too spartan--even bordering on the ridiculously minimalist. It also lacks the extensions that FF has and this is where it pales in comparison. However, since this is an open source program, I'm expecting more extensions to come in middle of next year.

Another problem is that it's available for Windows users only. Although they are working on the Linux and Mac version, I can't help but feel animosity from the non-Windows users. Patience is a virtue, besides, you guys have Ubuntu and Quicksilver to be proud of.

I'm staying with Chrome, but just in-case something should happen to it, I still have IE and FF browsers as back-ups. LOLZ.
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