Microsoft Windows major patch:Seven year itched!

It's very alarming that it took Microsoft seven years to plug a leaking hole in its Windows OS:
"[In 2001] we said that we could not make changes to address this issue without negatively impacting network-based applications.... For instance, an Outlook 2000 client wouldn't have been able to communicate with an Exchange 2000 server," Christopher Budd, a security program manager at Microsoft's Security Response Center, said in a blog post.
Personally, I'd rather have a few days--even weeks--of Outlook problems than have a possible security breach on my computer. Is this how Microsoft ranks their priorities?

What's even more surprising was that, according to the report, no one bothered to exploit it. Either we have one employee in Microsoft who knows all the security holes in it and not saying a word for the last seven years, or this is all bullcrap. Windows users may have been exposed and exploited already, but not know about it because this information was withheld from its customers.

I begin to wonder now, what else Microsoft has been hiding from its users...

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