Cussing in MMORPGs

After playing Rohan Ph for awhile, I noticed that when you decline some of their quest requests, the NPCs will cuss at you saying the "s" and the "f" word. This is most prevalent when you're in the Dhan and Human towns (I'm not going to post it here as there might be some underaged kid reading this blog). I'm pretty sure that Level Up Philippines were already informed of this before hand, but I'm starting wonder why they didn't take it out.

Players already cuss in-game, but we don't need NPCs doing the same. Funny thing is, players get banned for cussing in general/global chat but the NPCs are saying it out straight to the player's face. Ironic, isn't it?

As a player I don't care about this at all, but as a parent I'm deeply concerned--I don't want my kids learning cuss words from a game. I know there's no way I can control what they hear from their bad-mouthed classmates/friends, but a game developer/publisher should be responsible enough to filter such stuff.

I hope Level-up Philippines and other game publishers takes note of this.
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