Firefox 4.0: Early Screenshots Released

Firefox 4 Image
A few years ago, Firefox was kicking ass and taking names. Internet Explorer was looking old and too full of its self (still), while Firefox was new and got way more features. Now, it's their turn as they try to catch up to what Google Chrome's been doing since its beta stage.

If you've been using Google Chrome, you'll notice that the proposed Firefox 4.0 seems to be trying to "emulate" their design--especially with the top portion; this is a testament to Google's design team.
Some of you may ask, is this or a bad thing for Firefox? It may not seem to look good because they copied Google's design, but in the end with their extensive add-ons (admittedly Google Chrome's current weakness), some of their old users MAY go back.
They just need to sort out on the low speed and memory-hogness of FF and they just may cement their position on the top.
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