Violent video games and kids

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I'll have to admit, I let my two boys play First Person Shooters: Warrock, Call of Duty, and Wolf Team. Some parents may think of me as too lenient at best, but after my personal experience in playing such games in my childhood, I'll have to say that since it didn't make me and my friends into killing machines then it won't make my kids act the same way too.

Let's be honest here, I would rather have my kid go one on one with another kid/adult/bot online rather than in the real world. Why? Because in the real world, real people get hit, hurt, maimed, or killed. In the online world, everyone knows it's all simulated--everything's fake. Please don't look down at kids and say they can't separate fact from fiction--they're more intelligent than you think (sometimes even more!).

I was inspired to write this after reading the post and viewing the videos about this topic from Amy Tucker of B5Media.

Below are the vids from Penn & Teller re: Violence in Video Games

Just a warning though, it's got a lot of expletives and the like. So if you don't like your kids hearing this stuff, better have them leave the room:

In my point of view, rather than just let kids play violent games, it would be better that both kids and parents be informed about what the game is about. There are games out there that just border over stupidity and even sexual aggression (yes it's THAT Japanese Rape simulation game).

So will you have your kids in the future (or some of you already have them) play video games? Will it include violent games if they wanted to play one? What are your thoughts on this? comment below and let's discuss it.

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