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Although I may have registered for posterous a long time ago, it wasn't until I read Steve Rubel's "gutsy" decision about diving into lifestreaming rather than blogging made me realize that blogging may need another shot in the arm to make it fresh and exciting again. I won't be leaving my blogs or other social networking services anytime soon, but I'll be including my posterous lifestream into the mix to make my online presence even more wholeistic than readers just seeing me as a game/tech blogger.

Here's my way of posting on posterous (and in the process post everywhere else):

Zemanta: Zemanta can be used in any medium, but I liked it especially when it works on my Gmail. It provides possible images and links you can use on your post.

Posterous Bookmarklet: This is for those types of posts where you just want to share sites, vids, or information.

Here are on my wish list for posterous:
  • Disqus installation
  • Template modification
  • Google Adsense (or its equivalent) installation
How about you? How do you post here?

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Zemanta helped me add links & pictures to this email. It can do it for you too.
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