A few days ago, I wrote about how I push my blog's feeds to the SNS universe, now I'll be showing how I push my Google Reader Shares to it as well. Although Google Reader has just provided support to it's sharing features by adding a "Send To" link to almost any site you want, it still requires you to click on each SNS site, go that site's page, and manually click on sending it; I want things simpler: ONE CLICK and send my Google Reader shared items to everywhere I want.

Here's how I do it:

Register in the following services first:
  1. Choose which SNS service you want your Google Reader Shared news will be posted (mine is on Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk)
  2. Get the RSS Feed of your Google Reader site (mine is here )
  3. Configure Notify.me to receive that RSS feed
  4. Configure Notify.me to send it to your Ping.fm account
  5. Done
Here's how I process it:
  1. I click on the Share This icon on an article in Google Reader I like
  2. Done
My only problem with this set-up is the time lag between the moment you click on "Share This" to the time it gets posted on your chosen SNS sites, as it almost takes 30 minutes for the information to spread. I'm not sure of the bottleneck is with Notify.me or Ping.fm but nevertheless sharing it is painless.

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