Perfect World Philippines: Lost Empire Update

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Level Up's Perfect World Philippines (PW Ph) finally got the update that most of its players wanted for a long time--Perfect World: Lost Empire.

Features included in this update below:
  • Boss Cards: You collect the cards and actually summon them! There's 17 of them and once you've defeated them all you get the Card Captor's Orders.
  • Cube of Fate: imagine a run-of-the-mill boardgame in PW, except that its much harder. You roll a dice, move rooms according to the number that appears on the dice, and you get the living crap beat out of you. Reach room 50 and you win. Die anytime before that and you go back to room 1. Ouch. Available for level 40 and above players.
  • New Equipment: More cool weapons for highbies--none for me.
  • New Enlightenment Quests:  Yes something to look forward to. 
Although it's not that gigantic of an update, it's a good sign that Perfect World still has more life to it and with PWI getting a new race and 2 classes soon, it's something that we can all look forward to.
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