Facebook Lite: No more FB Phat!

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A few months ago, Facebook (FB) acquired Friendfeed (FF) and it was big news to the social networking world. People from the FF side mostly felt that they were betrayed when the team that made it all happen went to work for FB.

Since then, FB has working on Facebook Lite, a watered-down Facebook with less of the clutter that you see in your normal FB. It just opened for everyone right now and I just have to say this: it's cleaner, the fonts are larger and more eye-friendly! The only things on the right sidebar are "People you may know" and "Create an Ad". However, the shortcut bar and Facebook Chat is not available, nonetheless, I can connect with my FB friends through meebo.com.

I'm thinking that the FF talent acquisition had a big impact on what comes into this new site. It's leaner and faster like FF. The only thing I'm hoping for is that the pesky games and whatnot just stay out of this one and remain in the FB "Phat" site.

Alcarcalimo's FB Lite Site

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