Neosteam: Global Level Up! Game

Sorry Virginia, Neosteam won't have a local server, but rather Level Up Games Philippines will make it easier for Neosteam gamers to buy e-pins. Originally I thought that a local server would be great, but I think the international flavor is better. The Global Site is now up and the e-pins are as follows:
  • 270 Load Up! Credits=3500 Gears
  • 330 Load Up! Credits=Neosteam Bronze Premium*
  • 540 Load Up! Credits=7000 Gears or Neosteam Silver Premium**
  • 810 Load Up! Credits=Neosteam Gold Premium***
  • 1080 Load Up! Credits=14000 Gears
  • 2700 Load Up! Credits=35000 Gears

*Neosteam Bronze Premium
  • 30% Training Points Bonus
  • 50% Decreased Death Penalty
  • 15% Exp Bonus

**Neosteam Silver Premium
  • 40% Training Points Bonus
  • 65% Decreased Death Penalty
  • 30% Exp Bonus
  • 15% Money Drop Rate Increase

***Neosteam Gold Premium
  • Bonus In-game gift
  • 50% Training Points Bonus
  • 80% Decreased Death Penalty
  • 45% Exp Bonus
  • 30% Money Drop Rate Increase
  • Enhanced customer support

My only problem with this is the occasional lag and the really weird Item Mall Fashions. Hmmm...might as well try it out.
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