With the summer months comes with it kids that have pretty much nothing to do but play around in the Internet, therefore the dearth of posts lately. There's been quite a lot of cool games I've been trying out since, but none like Zero Online.

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What is Zero Online and why I like it

It's a sci-fi MMORPG based on mechas that's been out now for quite awhile. The levelling gets crazy (like private-server crazy) once you party with people and become an apprentice for a high level mentor. Right off the bat, you can basically kill all the mobs on the screen if you wanted to: even those three to four levels above you. The damage you get is so low that the only reason you'll die in this game is if you leave your toon AFK for five minutes in a location full of mobs.

The community has been good to me so far, that my mentor has even provided me with some cool, nifty weapons and armor. The mentor system reminds me of the system at Atlantica Online, and if you played it, you'll know that it really helps out newbies get settled in-game.

Two classes?

One of my problems with it is that it has only two classes: Artillery (long-range damage) and Infantry (melee fighter). The customization is only on what parts you put on your mecha and the skills that you get. If they can increase the classes to four then it may provide some diversity--but I doubt the game devs will allow that soon.

Other gripes

The graphics is not as good as you'd expect from a mecha game--it actually looks more like a browser game! The view is isometric all the way so don't expect any 3D graphics. The mobs are extremely slow that you can basically run away from anything in-game. The sound and music is just average that I almost never even notice them there. There's still some quest bugs that you'll need to search the forums to find out how to get around it considering that it's already in the commercial phase.

Recommended to play?

If you're a fan of mechas or just want to move away from the fantasy MMO setting, then you should definitely try Zero Online out.
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