Perfect World PH Tideborn: First Day Impressions

Perfect World PH's latest update was announced a long time ago and now it's here! Here are just some impressions of what I got.

Perfect World PH Client

If you downloaded the new client and patch before the start of the Tideborn patch then everything would be ok. It was already stated before that downloading the new client was much more easier than patching the old one on the patch day. Therefore there were lots of complaints both on the Perfect World PH Facebook page and forums on how slow their patches were going. Lesson learned: Read and follow instructions given by the GMs.

There were no problems running the client. Compared to Runes of Magic PH, running the Tideborn client was a breeze. It just shows that Level Up! Philippines really took time to ensure the client is error free before running it. Kudos to the prep team!


Lag was not a factor! There were some lag spikes but they were very minimal, considering that there were a lot of characters moving at the same time and there were a lot of loots on the ground. Normally it would be a lag fest but there wasn't much of it.

Mob spawn time was excellent! On first days such as these, the number of players would overwhelm the mobs that it would be extremely hard to find one that's still alive to kill (reminds me of my time at Allods where players would fight over mobs). After one monster dies, a new one would appear within 2 seconds! It made finishing quests and leveling up easier and faster!

So there it is! Now, it's time to go back to Perfect World PH!
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