One game ends, another begins

Taken from Allods Online International CBT

It wasn't too long ago that Philippine game publishers were adding new games at a rapid clip. It seems that these days they've developed a plan of closing one game and adding a new one a few weeks after. A good example would be eGames closing Supreme Destiny and opening the (ALSO currently closed) ZXOnline. With the addition of Allods Online into the Levelup Philippines list of MMORPGs, it looks like the cycle has been broken (IF Hello Kitty Online opens on Oct 2010).

It's all about the economy as I understand it. With the emergence of better internet speeds and connections, most Philippine MMO players are able to branch out into International gaming waters and are spending more time there than on local servers. This may mean that local game publishers are pretty much stuck with the number of game servers they have, cut out games that don't earn much anymore, and then look for games that will definitely have impact on local gaming (ex: Allods Online PH).

The community gets hurt if the transition from closed games to other games aren't done well. A great example of this would be what happened at ZXOnline where players who spent a lot there felt shafted when they were asked to transfer to Runes of Magic PH with a mediocre gift. This resulted in most players feeling betrayed and transferring to the International servers instead. Transferring characters to international servers would be detrimental to both Perfect World Entertainment and eGames and was not allowed--leaving the players to start from scratch either in Jade Dynasty or Runes of Magic PH. As far as I know ex-ZXO players didn't mind starting from scratch as long as the game publisher/developer is honest and stable.

Bye Alcarcalimo! Taken from Lineage 2 SEA

It's ok to be angry or sad that your fave MMO closes as there are other games (both locally and international) you can try out. Don't worry with what you spent as you already used most of it up when you played the game anyway (spent quite a lot with a P2P game that closed a few months ago as well).
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