HOTK PH is coming soon!

Just got an announcement coming from Perfect World Co., Ltd. that Heroes of Three Kingdoms (HOTK) also known as Chi Bi/Red Cliff and other PW Co. games like Legend of Martial Arts and Hot Dance Party will be coming to the Philippines via
In November 2010, the two parties cooperated again to license "Legend of Martial Arts," "Chi Bi" and "Hot Dance Party" to the Philippines. "Legend of Martial Arts" is a 3D cartoon adventure MMORPG based on a popular TV drama series with the same Chinese name. It was launched in Mainland China in 2006. "Chi Bi" is a war epic 3D MMORPG based on the Three Kingdoms, a well-known period in the ancient Chinese history; while "Hot Dance Party" is the Company's first 3D online casual game.
It seems that Cubinet PH is grabbing nearly all of PW's games. Now if they can only include Jade Dynasty and Forsaken World into the mix, then I'm REALLY sold!

Read the whole Press Release here.
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