Treasure Box Event

We got a new event for Lineage 2 SEA, and I'm glad it's not connected to the Kamael update.

It's called the Treasure Box event. Basically, it's like the letters event multiplied by six. There are 6 colored stones that you need to collect from treasure chests. However, these chests are locked and the keys need to be collected from monster drops. PLUS you still need to get other hard-to-get items.

Personal note: Although I do appreciate AMDG and iPlayAsia giving us these in-game events, I would like to suggest that they figure out first, what kind of prizes the players would like. For example, I'm not sure how many players out there would like to wear a Piggy Hat nor a Teddy Bear Hat.

If you haven't seen them before, here's how they'll look like on you:

Pig Hat


Teddy Bear Hat


Thanks to for the pics.

I do hope I'm not pissing off anyone from iPlayAsia nor AMDG because of this.

More details here!
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