If you ask me, I blame EVE Online

Yes, I've been out for a long time but it's for a good reason: I've been trying out EVE Online for the last few days and I have to say that I have some mixed feelings about it.

Good stuff:

There's no MMO out there that can even come close to becoming EVE's competitor (RFOnline comes to mind). There's a dearth of SciFi- themed MMOs out there, but this game takes the cake and then bakes some more. The ambiance while playing it made me feel like I was in a SciFi movie. The graphics are a work of art, and the ships themselves were impressive to look at.

Things to improve on-stuff:

The pace is slow. I have to admit that experienced EVE Online players already warned me beforehand that it would seem slow to the average MMORPG player, and I have to say they are right. It takes a special kind of player to be able to play this game and stick with it for a long time as Patience is a virtue I really need to work on.

So with my 14-day free EVE Online trial days done, will I go on and pay game time load for the next two months? I'm not sure. Did I have a special time while playing it? Hell yes--it's something that'll linger in my head for a very long time and for that I'll remember that EVE Online took me out of the blogging world for 14 days.
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