How to build and pilot an Astral Ship in Allods

The ultimate goal of a serious guild in Allods Online Philippines (Allods PH) should be the Astral Ship. Compared to other MMORPGs this can be compared to a guild castle. An Astral Ship will allow you and your guild to fly into the Astral (space) and go to different islands, also known as Allods. However travelling through the Astral will be fraught with dangers both from Astral mobs and other guilds as well.

If you and your guild are interested to build and pilot an Astral Ship in Allods PH, then it would be best to read up on the guides linked below.

Here are a couple of videos taken from Allods Russia:

Ship vs. Ship

Boarding enemy ships

Please note that this is all based on Allods NA and the local version may have some differences to it.
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