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Google Buzz
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I am a big fan of Google. I love Chrome, Reader, Wave and almost anything else Google ( I even have an Orkut account for pete's sakes), however their newest foray into the socialsphere, Google Buzz, needs to be overhauled immediately.

On the first two days (gosh, even on the Q & A portion of the Google Buzz launch), all I read was how it was almost like Friendfeed. However, I consider Google Buzz as Friendfeed vanilla ultra lite. It doesn't even come close to what Friendfeed is today even after its creators left for Facebook.

A large concern for its early users was the security flaw that opened up their Google Profiles to outside people to look at who their contacts are and who they chat most with. With so much noise on this issue, Google has decided to do something about it by emphasizing the option to have the people you follow and contact with remain private. 

My personal concern here is how to reign in all the noise. For example: I'm a Robert Scoble follower because I like reading his status updates but his Buzzes (jeesh even his Friendfeed posts before) gets quite a lot of responses  that it keeps popping on top of the Buzz list that I fail to see other Buzzes below. I know it's a testament to the man's power to connect with a lot of people, but I'm now muting his lengthy buzzes just to read the other people I'm following. I'm not sure if he likes being muted by hundreds of people, but I definitely won't like it.

There's no way to categorize people I follow. Reading my Buzz list is like reading a newspaper that updates itself every few minutes and not knowing whether I'm at the Sports or Business page. Again, comparing to my Friendfeed experience, I was able to sort out the noise by putting people I follow in different categories thus allowing me to view them whenever I feel like it. Unlike in Google Buzz now where different topics pop up, making me feel disoriented.

Since Google Buzz is still a few days old, I expect it to make strides in its development, but until they've been able to put in user controls that makes the noise easier to organize, I'll be hanging out somewhere else.

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